Innovation and Sustainability are paramount

Made with the highest benchmarks of quality in both materials and production processes.

Shape and color retention are key.

High grade materials make for unrivalled fit, look and feel.

Our Materials

Our t-shirts are made with 100% Peruvian Cotton interlock knit. With a density of 170 grams, this is the tightest knit. It makes our apparel fresh, comfortable, and soft to the touch firm and absorbent.

We know our customers are always on the go. All our pieces are machine washable with cold water; our unparalleled selection retains its color intensity and silhouette. Our color retention is mainly due to the use of reactive dyes, which are known for their durability when washed, consistently performing better than the alternatives.

Flawless finishes make for a dynamic piece appropriate for any occasion.Whether you are going to a picnic in the park or a night at the opera, you will never look out of place.

Our Systems

Our production systems are eco-friendly and sustainable. We pride ourselves in taking that extra step to ensure the minimization of our carbon footprint. Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

• The process begins with the fibers are turn in to 50/1 thread turning into interlock.

• The raw material (interlock) is then dyed using reactive dyes making the color even and vibrant.

• Using the patterns created by our design team and under watchful eye of our highly qualified professionals, the cutting process begins.

• Our apparel is then made under the most rigorous quality control and standards.

• The apparel is then washed under a silicon wash in order to achieve perfect fit and the smoothest surface.

• Every piece is then inspected, tagged and packaged in our biodegradable packaging.